D2D Vocabulary Specification 0.1

Data 2 Documents - RDF based Management, Syndication and Aggregation of Web Content

Welcome to the Data 2 Documents project.

Data 2 Documents (D2D) is a vocabulary for constructing ‘documents’ out of ‘data’. It does so by breaking down web documents into a recursive hierarchy of small identifiable pieces of content that as such become a resource in the web of data. Hence, it helps bride the gap between the ‘Web of Documents’ and the ‘Web of Data’. The vocabulary has a strong relation with semantic elements in HTML5 and allows for a declarative form of content management purely expressed in RDF. Furthermore, it facilitates easy publication of existing Linked Data in web documents and a novel way of sharing complex content between web documents, e.g. as in syndication.

For more information, please contact info@data2documents.org.